Effective from 15 January 2019, Beyond Bank, under the Total Home Loan Package suite, will now go to 95% LVR (inclusive of LMI) for first home buyers.

The facts:

  • Maximum LVR 95%, inclusive of LMI
  • Owner-occupied purchase (Package 3 Year Fixed or Variable)
  • Owner-occupied construction (Package Building 3 Year Fixed or Variable)
  • Splits also available
  • 100% offset available on variable option
  • Fixed – pay an extra $25k p.a. on top of normal repayments
  • Fix from day one of construction
  • First home buyers only
  • FHOG advanced at land settlement
  • $1,000 cash back paid at settlement.

No Genuine Savings?

Where 5% genuine savings HAS NOT been held for a minimum of three months, Beyond Bank will accept six (6) months rental statements confirming timely rental payments in lieu of the three-month savings account history.

Please click below for a copy of the product FACT sheet.

Product FACT Sheet