With Cashback started over a coffee between two friends wanting to simplify and disrupt the lending industry. The market was already saturated with lenders, brokers, banks, online only banks, comparison sites, aggregators, the list goes on. So it was important for us to create a product that focused purely on the end customers, essentially, you.

We challenged ourselves to come up with a business model that would incentivise you in ways most businesses were not willing to do.
After years of relentless effort, combining our previous experience in Banking & Financial Services, IT, Innovation and Lending, the concept of With Cashback was born.

It’s time to be rewarded With Cashback for your loans.


Our mission is simple, it is to give you the maximum cashback for your mortgage loan, after all, it is your money, so why give it to someone else? We provide cashback for the same identical loan, at the same bank, with the same features, and the same rates. Something others are not willing to do. Through our innovative platform, we have been able to simplify the residential mortgage lending process, passing the commission the bank would ordinarily pay to your mortgage broker, directly to you.

After all, it is your loan, your good credit rating, your stable employment, and your equity in your home, so why should the commission go to someone else? There’s no loss to you. So maximise your financial position by using our innovative and transparent platform, and reward yourself with cashback.


You’ve probably browsed home loan calculators and mortgage rate comparison websites to compare mortgage rates. But that’s about as far as you went. Here at With Cashback, we go the extra mile to give you cashback for your successful loan application, a feature we’re confident others won’t be able to match.