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When you are looking for mortgage brokers that can actually help you get the house of your dreams, you are definitely bound to have a few questions. With Cashback took some of the most common questions and answered them for you so that you are in the clear as soon as possible.

Unlike your average mortgage brokers, we are also approval experts. Before working in this field, the With Cashback employees used to work as credit managers that would approve difficult loans for specialised lenders and major banks. This means that they know exactly what needs to be done in order to get your loan approved.

The team at With Cashback also knows how to come to the aid of people who find themselves in a difficult circumstance. If you are in a tricky situation where the bank would not approve your loan, or your current mortgage broker wouldn’t know how to handle a situation, we will brainstorm as many ideas as possible to get your problem solved.

Our purpose is to be that young, friendly, and enthusiastic team that will help owners buy the house of their dreams while building a long-lasting relationship with them. Most of our loans don’t even require a fee, and we can help you regardless of where you are in Australia.

We will answer your question with another question: why would you want to choose only from one bank when you can choose from more of them. With Cashback works with many different lenders, and will be able to find the most affordable solution that will fit your needs.

  • Services: While we do have certain services that are paid, most of them are actually free. You are welcome to contact our Customer Support or refer to our fee schedule if you are curious about the prices.
  • Choice: The bank is definitely not going to tell you if the bank across the street is cheaper; it goes against their money-making principle. A broker, on the other hand, will help you choose between more options.
  • Service level: According to a multitude of surveys, mortgage brokers always outrank banks when it comes to customer satisfaction.
  • Simplicity: Banks and hassles are usually synonymous. A mortgage broker will undertake the hassle of dealing with a bank so that you will not have to.
  • Specialised lenders: Sometimes, a bank may not be able to “think outside the box” and go over their lending policy (for example, if you have a really bad credit history). In those circumstances, mortgage brokers can help you find other companies that may lend you the money.
  • Expertise: The mortgage brokers at With Cashback have more experience and training compared to your average bank lender.

Annual reviews: Banks can change rates into less attractive ones later on without actually telling you. A mortgage broker will ensure that your loan still holds some very competitive rates.

Yes, we have. Since the National Consumer Credit Protection Act requires it of us, we are holders of an ACL (Australian Credit Licence). We are also registered with CIO (Credit and Investments Ombudsman) and the FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia).

Since our wish is to comply with the government regulations, we keep the highest standards when it comes to education and training. We are continuously learning so that we are never behind in the society track.

Each time a mortgage broker introduces a new application to the bank, they receive a certain fee in return. Banks need middlemen, so each time a broker brings them a client, they will receive a certain commission in return.
All the loans that we deal with are completely free of charge. There is a very limited list of circumstances where we actually ask for brokerage fees. To learn more about these fees, you may check our page. You can also call 1300 685 008 if you have any other questions about getting your loan approved.
Many people seem to believe that mortgage brokers will recommend unsuitable loans to various people just so that they can increase their incentives; however, that is merely a very common misconception.

The reason behind this belief is that prior to the 2010 regulation within the industry, there were a few mortgage brokers with no scruples who gave us a bad name.

At With Cashback, we will recommend a few loans that we find suitable and then we will let you decide exactly which one you would like to pick. In fact, as owners of the Australian Credit Licence, we are prohibited by the law to recommend you unsuitable loans.

Some mortgage brokers actually advertise that they get the same payment, no matter which lender they go for – and that is a pretty clever and useful marketing tactic. If lenders don’t pay high-enough commissions, then brokers won’t add them to the list of lenders. On the other hand, if they pay too much, they’ll resort only to that lender.

At With Cashback, we will do business with all lenders, regardless of the mortgage brokers they work with. This means that you will get a wider selection of choices and more extras to choose from.

The mortgage brokers at With Cashback will do all the work that you would be required to do if you were to be in direct contact with the bank. All that you will need to do is take out the application form and submit it along with the necessary documentation. After that, we will make a preliminary assessment of your financial circumstances and then offer you some options to choose from.

Once we have an idea of which lender would be more suitable for your needs, we will contact both parties (you and them) in order to receive the approval.

A lot of mortgage brokers in Australia are owned by banks; that’s actually common knowledge. The Aussie Home Loans is under the ownership of the CBA, Mortgage Choice was “chosen” by the ASX, and Plan, Fast and Choice are all owned by a division of NAB called “Advantage.”

With Cashback, however, is a fully independent company with no strings attached to banks or others to “share the stashes” with.

We have mortgage brokers that are settled all across Australia; Melbourne is just our main headquarters. We have already approved for loans in different states, from small towns to large cities, and we can even help if you are overseas! The only condition is that you keep your investments in Australia.

Considering that the stamp duty is a very significant amount, most banks will only allow you to borrow the stamp duty if you are also backed up by a co-signer or a guarantor.

In some cases, the stamp duty may not be applied (for example, first home owners or if you are purchasing a new home). However, this may change, depending on the state that you are staying in since our offices need to abide by the local government laws.

If there’s something that With Cashback enjoys doing, it’s accepting a challenge. We can typically find solutions even to the most difficult and complex situations. The reason is that we have an extensive knowledge to back us up, and we are already aware of the lenders that have more flexible criteria.

If you were rejected by a bank, we can help you find a loan that is suitable for your needs. If your credit is in need of some repairing, we will find ways to fix it so that we can present your case to a prospective lender.

No matter the circumstances, the team at With Cashback doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “to give up.” If you are in such a circumstance, perhaps you might want to contact us at 1300 685 008 or complete our form.

The good thing about mortgage brokers is that we have access to all kinds of discounts – so even if the situation is dire, you can still find some pretty good interest rates. Plus, we know exactly who has the best rates and are most flexible, and we will proceed to consult with them for you.

For more information on the discounts, you may shuffle through our pages until you get to the interest rates one. You’ll see that they are pretty attractive compared to what you get at the bank.